About Me

Tracy Murphy- Artist…also wife, mom, friend, Art  teacher, and Christian. 

I have a life long love of art and and expressing my creativity.  I began cutting, pasting (yeah, PASTE..remember THAT?!) and coloring, and moved on to pottery and painting. Now, I’ll try new materials and projects as they attract me. I love recycled and re-purposed art!  

Growing up in Florida, currently living in South Texas, and several places in between have added to my life experiences, and have therefore served as inspiration for my art. 

Please check back and see my latest works. Many are for sale, and I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind commissioned works for individuals or businesses.   Feel free to leave feedback, or contact me with questions.

Things I love: my faith, my family, my friends, the beach, Florida, the Hill Country of Texas, Country music, funny people and the color blue.  

And Vodka.